• “Make A Significant Financial Change In Life”

    I thoroughly encourage anyone who is actively looking to make a significant financial change in their life to invest time in meeting Nicky Stafford and her team. Nicky is not your run of the mill financial planner – she and her team stand out for their client focus and commitment to communication with you, and concern for your financial goals. It is incredibly satisfying to look back on the last two years and see the bigger picture of the financial gains and progress in my attitude and behaviours towards my financial goals. It is also incredibly liberating to know that I have Nicky in my corner and her ‘frank and fearless’ approach is terrific in supporting my financial achievements. As a wealth coach, Nicky challenges, encourages and celebrates with you. It’s a rewarding combination.

    Dr Jennifer Frahm
    Director, Jennifer Frahm Collaborations

  • “We Can Now Relax And Enjoy The Outcomes”

    Thank you to Nicky and her team for setting up our finances in a way that makes me feel really confident. I know that everything is in place that needs to be in place, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without them.

    Deborah Wilton

  • “Got my thinking clear”

    Spending time working with you and unpacking my thinking was key.

    Andrea Van Doore

  • I so appreciate being able to run things past you before I take steps.

    Lyn Taylor

  • The reason why we chose to see a financial planner was because we have a plan in our life that we want to achieve, but we have no idea how to go about that financially to actually reach our goals.

    Nicky was fantastic at what I’d like to call it ‘the dumb-it-down scenarios’. So I honestly believe this is a fantastic way to go about, if you want to make a really positive change in your life.

    Lynnise Ashford

  • Before doing the 9 keys process with Nicky, I would be worried sick. But now I know I’m comfortable. I realise this will be used with other clients.

    Nicky has made my cashflow so much easier. I have peace of mind like never before. I was moving around and now it’s all easy and hassle free.

    Robert Richardson, Ipswich, Queensland

  • There was a time that I thought that having [exact sum excluded] was absolutely impossible. Now, 4 years later, I’m not only there, but I’ve exceeded that dream and am onto my next. So, with the help of Nicky Stafford and the team, we’ve actually set that dream in motion, and we’re now heading for [exact sum excluded but triple original goal].

    Sue Crampton