Terms and Conditions


Travel: Home visits or interstate travel may be charged at an hourly rate. Interstate Flights greater than 2 hours will be booked in Business Class

This agreement is governed by the laws of Australia and Queensland. The parties specifically agree that, regardless of where any breach occurs, and regardless of the citizenship, nationality, or residence of any party, whether in Australia or abroad, that jurisdiction over any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be exclusively with the courts situated within Australia. In the event of any dispute, professional mediation will be employed before any other legal action can take place. This agreement cannot be modified without express written agreement from both parties.

Termination Clause

 Any Agreement must remain in force and paid for, for 12 months. Following this, either party may cancel by giving one (1) month’s written notice (“Termination Date”) to the other party without affecting your liability to pay, and our right to deduct or recover, all accrued Fees which are due and payable up to and including the date one month from the Termination Date (“Cessation of Services Date”).

Upon termination of the agreement:

  1. Any provision of financial advice ceases at the time of receiving the notice ( the Termination Date).
  2. All our obligations under this Service Agreement and responsibility for previous advice cease on the Termination Date.
  3. All Fees will be payable by you up to and including the Cessation of Services Date, allowing you to access administrative services relating to products previously advised upon.
  4. You authorise us to deduct from your account such amounts as are necessary to pay all accrued Fees; and/or owings
  5. If there are insufficient funds in your account to meet such Fees, we are entitled to liquidate such Authorized Investments as are necessary to meet and pay all accrued Fees.

During the period between the Termination Date and the Cessation of Services Date:

  1. Your account may be required to remain open with a minimum balance of $1,000.00; and
  2. You must provide us with new bank details and your postal address to enable us to notify relevant providers and registries

If there is a Cash Management Facility or related account in your portfolio, it may be closed on or after (but not before) the Cessation of Services Date at the direction of the facility/account provider, you agree:

  • To pay any direct debit fees associated with your payments to Nicky Stafford Your Money Matters.
  • That all testimonials you provide can be used by Nicky Stafford Your Money Matters for promotional purposes.
  • That service agreement fees are subject to CPI increases in January each year.
  • That any action taken by Nicky Stafford Your Money Matters due to non-payment of fees is to be paid by you.

Termination of Financial Plan: Once a plan has begun, full payment is required within 12 months

Financial Planning

All information will be checked and verified by the client before going to plan. If things change we will do our best to incorporate the changes IF the plan has not already been produced. Additional fees may apply if changes come after data collection.

Service Agreement Strategic Reviews

Reviews are an important part of any financial strategy; with this in mind, we will offer ongoing reviews and servicing that is in line with your elected service package. We will contact you when your review period falls due. If you choose not to receive an annual review or do not return your review documents, we cannot take responsibility if your situation changes and your financial strategy is no longer appropriate. In this instance, we will review the investment and give you advice on the portfolio based on the information we have on you.

WARNING: This may not be appropriate.

Prior to your review, we will send you a Pre-Review Questionnaire which we have completed with the information we already have about you. If your situation has changed at all, we ask you to update this document and send it in before your appointment.

In order to ensure that your advice remains appropriate to your current situation, it is essential that you let us know about any changes to your situation including, but not limited to: (a) Your contact details; (b) Your employment details; (c) Your cash flow, assets or liabilities; (d) Your tolerance for risk; (e) Your personal and financial goals and needs; and (f) Your personal situation, including your children and your health. You agree to keep the information in your fact find up to date for reviews

Privacy legislation impacts on what information financial institutions may allow us to access and how we can gain this access. Quite often, they may only deal with you. We offer advice and recommendations on which you can choose to act, however we are not responsible for control of your day-to-day transactions. You will need to make some changes to your strategy yourself, for example, changing direct debit arrangements and opening bank accounts.