Financial Coaching

Do you find the thought of dealing with your finances scary?

Do you break out in a sweat when you get bills in the mail?

Do you simply find dealing with your money too difficult? 

Many of our clients have been in the same position. Clients come to us for various reasons. Some come to us because they don’t know what to do. Some come to us because they don’t know how to do things.

But there’s another group of clients that require our help because they don’t know how to think about money. Often, these clients have a negative relationship with money. And this negative relationship leads to patterns of behaviour that can actually make things worse. 

This is where our financial coaching comes in. Coaching addresses the underlying beliefs, expectations and energy that you bring to your financial management. It helps you identify those places where your negative thoughts are leading to negative outcomes. And it helps you change those thoughts  – and therefore change your outcome. 

So, if you think you could benefit from a fresh approach to money, contact us to discuss how financial coaching could be right for you.