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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • I thoroughly encourage anyone who is actively looking to make significant financial change in their life to invest one hour in meeting Nicky Stafford and her team. Nicky is not your run of the mill financial planner – she and her team stands out for their client focus and commitment to communication with you, and concern for your financial goals. It is incredibly satisfying to look back on the last two years and see the bigger picture of the financial gains and progress in my attitude and behaviours towards my financial goals. It is also incredibly liberating to know that I have Nicky in my corner and her ‘frank and fearless’ approach is terrific in supporting my financial achievements. As a wealth coach, Nicky challenges, encourages and celebrates with you. It’s a rewarding combination.

    Dr Jennifer Frahm, Director, Jennifer Frahm Collaborations

  • Thank you to Nicky and her team for setting up our finances in a way that makes me feel really confident. I know that everything is in place that needs to be in place, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without them.

    My stress levels are down from what they used to be regarding running our finances, and we can now relax and enjoy the outcomes of everything that we have rather than worrying about how to control them or how to make sure everything is in place.
    Thank god we’ve got Nicky and her team looking after our finances.

    Deborah Wilton

  • Just finished the FMN meeting for the year and was reflecting on the year that starred and how it finished up. Financially with the best year in our 12 year history. I thought about how I was thinking over that time and what changed. Spending time working with you and unpacking my thinking was key. Prepping for phone calls – knowing what I want before I call and ‘seeing’ outcomes made all the difference. You showed me that. It was a practical and usable piece of training that will not leave me! Thanks!

    Andrea Van Doore, CEO

  • I so appreciate being able to run things past you before I take steps.

    Lyn Taylor

  • The reason why we chose to see a financial planner was because we have a plan in our life that we want to achieve, but we have no idea how to go about that financially to actually reach our goals. The first time we actually sat down as a couple with Nicky and discussed what we really wanted, we went really in to depth in regards to our goals, our ambitions, dreams, and also retirement, which is something that Nathan and I have both never really discussed as we class ourselves still as young people where it never even crossed our mind to even consider. So really making us think about what we want to achieve; not just our work goals, but combining the two together.

    Nicky was fantastic at what I’d like to call it ‘the dumb-it-down scenarios’ because Nathan and I really are completely foreign to all the financial side of our lives really; we know the basics and we thought we were doing pretty well in regards to putting some money aside, getting some investment properties and that. But in depth we had no idea what we’re doing. We were practically winging it, and still from day to day I feel that we are. But what Nicky has done is sat down and really explained in depth why we do each step and why we make our decisions with our money, and to make sure every single cent counts which is absolutely crucial especially at our age and where we can actually make the most of our money when it comes into our account.

    Some of the things that she helped us with was setting up and making sure our supers were set up correctly, going through our basic insurance policies that we had open, making sure we’re getting the best deal for what we’re paying for, and also life insurance which Nathan and I again being so young didn’t think it was really a necessity. But then having it explained to us in depth and in detail, it made us realise how important these things actually are to us at this point in our lives.

    One of the decisions Nathan and I did choose to go with was actually having Nicky as a continuous support for us, and still being able to be contactable at any time where we have any questions or inquiries or we actually start stressing about our situations and that. So one of the things that we’re so happy and grateful for is that we still can get that support, and maybe even more reassurance that we are still on the right path each day because it, let’s face it, is not as easy as what people think; otherwise everybody would be doing it. But it is still a struggle from day to day and just to get your mind over such a big change in your life.

    Nathan and I have no doubt that this is going to be an influence for us in regards to getting what we want in our lives. Financially it’s going to make us a lot more knowledgeable to the world, so that really does help both of us in both areas. And ultimately, we know exactly what we want in our lives and we’ve got set goals in mind now which makes it a lot easier to go full throttle ahead with everything.

    I can see Nathan and I continuing on with Nicky for many years in the future. So I honestly believe this is a fantastic way to go about, if you want to make a really positive change in your life.

    Lynnise and Nathan, both 28 years old, November 2014

  • Before doing the 9 keys process with Nicky, I would be worried sick. But now I know I’m comfortable. I realise this will be used with other clients.

    Nicky has made my cashflow so much easier. I have peace of mind like never before. I was moving around and now it’s all easy and hassle free.

    Robert Richardson, Ipswich, Queensland

  • There was a time that I thought that having [exact sum excluded] was absolutely impossible. Now, 4 years later, I’m not only there, but I’ve exceeded that dream and am onto my next. So, with the help of Nicky Stafford and the team, we’ve actually set that dream in motion, and we’re now heading for [exact sum excluded but triple original goal].

    Sue Crampton

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